So quit your jibber jabber.

Metal – Scientifically Nicer Than Indie

I’ve had an epiphany. Has it got this bad? Actually that implies I have just realised something, when in fact I have kind of known all along. I just happen to have an outlet for it these days. I’m pretty into my music. Both of us (me and Number One) in fact are. I generally … Continue reading

O God, The Aftermath

Take your pick Ah, religion… I’m going to preface this article by explicity stating I’m an atheist. Not an agnostic. And don’t start on that ‘Well you can’t ever know whether or not god does exist’ bullshit. I find the idea of religion silly, childish, and akin to believing in fairy tales. The idea of … Continue reading

The Connection

Just a quick one until a larger post later on. There is an underlying connection between almost all of the articles posted so far: Hipsters are the ultimate consumers. Their level of consumption is directly related to their level of coolness. This is how social scientists can actually measure the level of douchebaggery in society. … Continue reading