Fucking yes. That is all.

Get Down From That Horse

Ever heard of a place called Xinjiang? It’s kind of a large place. Pretty big, pretty empty too. Ok, what about Tibet? Now, I know you’ve heard of that. Big place, pretty empty. Actually, what about Uyghurs? Have you heard of them? Nope. Hmm. Interesting. So Xinjiang and Tibet have a few things in common … Continue reading

Manufacture THIS

Manufactured pop. The musical equivalent of prison rape*. Am I the only one who is shit sick of these charlatans who call themselves ‘musicians’? Any bugger with a half decent voice can win a karaoke contest. But unless you write your own songs, don’t bother calling yourself a musician. You’re just a little puppet. Seriously, … Continue reading

Buying Into It

You look like this.

Whilst my good friend, Angry Man Number One, has made an expletive filled and excellent point on iPhones, I feel I must carry on in this vein of topic in a broader sense. I would like it to be just about Apple, as Apple itself is a good example, but unfortunately the topic is one … Continue reading