The Thing About Facts

So I was watching The Newsroom this summer. It’s good entertaining tv. Particularly if you agree with everything it pretty much goes on about (but that’s not why I like it); it’s a bit preachy. It’s very preachy. But it’s tv. It’s American tv, which usually has some bent on it. Anyway. This isn’t an … Continue reading

In Defence of the Ad Hominem

You’re not trustworthy. And you smell. It’s not like I can rely on your opinion, is it?  

Over and Over and Over and Over

For fuck’s sake, if I hear Adele one more fucking time, I swear I’m going to put the head of the next person I see through a window. Unless I like them. And all this will be on Adele’s head. This one, I suppose is the fault of commercial radio. As Number Two pointed out … Continue reading

Public Service Anouncement

I read this somewhere. It’s a transcription of a stand up bit from some comic whose name escapes me at the moment. So if you said it (ha!) or know who said it, let us know. I have more to say on the subject but due to technical issues that cannot be resolved at the … Continue reading

Tottenham Summer

I’ve sat on this post for a bit more than a week as I was unsure it was wise to publish it at the time. There’s a narrow line between condoning and contextualising. But here it is. I made a comment in a post last week or so. It was more of a throw away … Continue reading

Drugs are Bad, mmmkay?

Amy Winehouse is dead. We ‘officially’ don’t know yet,  but let’s not kid ourselves. She took a shit load of drugs and her body said ‘you know what? Fuck you. There’s only so much shit I can deal with, and your brain and I have fallen out big time. In fact brain is moving out. … Continue reading

What I Wouldn’t Give For Explosives…

It’s one in the morning.   It’s hot.   There is no fan or air conditioning.   Opening the window leaves you subjected to the sounds of China’s ongoing bid to build until ever later hours.   Closing the window doesn’t keep out the noise.   And then there is a motherfucking car alarm.   … Continue reading

Interruption To Regular Service

You may have noticed the lack of activity in the past week or so. We are not professional bloggers, and actually have things to do in the ‘Real World’; namely jobs, social lives, and frustratingly little amounts of time to get some hate on. But have no fear. Due to the nature of our time … Continue reading

“You’re Biologically Programmed To Do That!”

So maybe we started off a little too seriously… You may well be thinking to yourself: “Where the hell are the jokes assholes‽”. Fear not. We are lighthearted bundles of joy; full of fun, happiness, and sunshine*. Fortunately this brings me neatly to today’s topic, in a roundabout kind of way. You may think it … Continue reading

Vitriolism’s First Review

I was given this concise review of the blog today. “[A]n introspective, socially damning, judgemental, rant filled tirade of abuse against the masses.” Personally, I would have gone with ‘indispensable social service’, but I’m happy enough with the above.