Picking Sides (Redux)

Take a look here, for our brief explanation of today’s (Tuesday 6th November) posts. There are two sides fighting over the presidency in America today. The same can be said of Congress in a more general voice. Is that not strange, that there are only two sides? Technically they’re are more candidates, but you’ve never … Continue reading

The Challenge and The Will

Take a look here, for our brief explanation of today’s (Tuesday 6th November) posts. For a time in my youth I was neighbours with a Cuban American lady and her family. During my university days as a politics student, when I was home visiting my own family, we would chat about the world’s ills and how … Continue reading

Is There A Disney on Alderaan?

“It feels like I’ve finally escaped from George Lucas’ basement, after 15 years of abuse, I get out into the garden, over the fence, knock on next door and to find Mickey Mouse with a massive erection just laughing at me.”                                                        … Continue reading

The Beautiful Game

I like a bit of football, me. Proper football. You know. The Beautiful Game… I don’t get it watch it all that often these days, but I do when I can. National and international. I care more about my beloved Lilywhites than I do about England, but that’s not what we are going to talk … Continue reading

Name Calling and Godwin’s Law

In light of world events. Recession, Greek bailouts, American elections, uh… stuff, etc, there has been a lot of comparisons to Hitler. This is ridiculous. Please stop it. You’re making small children and animals cry. Angela Merkel and Barak Obama, and countless other people (yes, even George W. Bush) are nothing like Hitler. Using this … Continue reading

Dr. Strangelove (Or How I Stopped Worrying And Learnt To Love Privilege)

It’s been a weird couple of weeks if you’re a politico in the UK. You kind of expect the doctor (of Doctor Who fame, though I expect the men in white coats wouldn’t be too far behind) to appear out of nowhere, tell you it’s all a dream, and to stop procrastinating and get on … Continue reading

Over and Over and Over and Over

For fuck’s sake, if I hear Adele one more fucking time, I swear I’m going to put the head of the next person I see through a window. Unless I like them. And all this will be on Adele’s head. This one, I suppose is the fault of commercial radio. As Number Two pointed out … Continue reading

Manufacture THIS

Manufactured pop. The musical equivalent of prison rape*. Am I the only one who is shit sick of these charlatans who call themselves ‘musicians’? Any bugger with a half decent voice can win a karaoke contest. But unless you write your own songs, don’t bother calling yourself a musician. You’re just a little puppet. Seriously, … Continue reading