Not Quite The End

The end of 2012 is upon us. We have been on another mini hiatus the past six weeks or so. Christmas is a busy time and most people have better things to do than dislike our opinions. That said we will be back with new stuff in the next couple of days, after the obligatory … Continue reading

The Wonderful Internet

Edit: Sorry, links weren’t working. They are now. I love the internet. The internet is a wealth of hilarity. Such as the picture that brought you to this nugget of wisdom. I am suffering from a mild form of writers block. So I decided to trawl the internet for something to inspire me. I randomly … Continue reading

A Masterpiece You Say?

So art is a fickle thing. Recently you may have heard that a painting sold for £21,000,000 (if you didn’t, then yes, twenty-one million pounds), a rather large a mount of money. It was a painting by a chap named Gerhard Richter called Abstraktes Bild. There are certain words that spring to mind when I … Continue reading

Dr. Strangelove (Or How I Stopped Worrying And Learnt To Love Privilege)

It’s been a weird couple of weeks if you’re a politico in the UK. You kind of expect the doctor (of Doctor Who fame, though I expect the men in white coats wouldn’t be too far behind) to appear out of nowhere, tell you it’s all a dream, and to stop procrastinating and get on … Continue reading

The Joys of Unemployment

Part of the reason for our sudden revival into the documenting whatever it is that bothers us is due to my momentary lack of employment. Well strictly speaking I have a job, I just haven’t started it yet. And I occasionally go out and do a bit of work here and there. But recently I … Continue reading

The Thing About Facts

So I was watching The Newsroom this summer. It’s good entertaining tv. Particularly if you agree with everything it pretty much goes on about (but that’s not why I like it); it’s a bit preachy. It’s very preachy. But it’s tv. It’s American tv, which usually has some bent on it. Anyway. This isn’t an … Continue reading

Welcome (Back) To The Internet

Hello. Glad you could make it. You know us, and thankfully, we don’t know you, (because let’s face it you’re obviously a strange sort of person that has found yourself at our lovely corner of the interwebs), and we’d like to point out we are still alive. Barely. I feel I, or possibly we, have … Continue reading


Fucking yes. That is all.

FAO: Angry Man number Two

We’ve just seen in to the soul of AMNT source.

Shop Related News

Things have changed in the shop. Prices are down to reflect these hard economic times. The average price of a t-shirt is now just £12.00. That’s just 7,100.28 Zimbabwean Dollars! There are also women’s versions of every design. The women’s t-shirts are about a pound more expensive. We could have made them the same price, but … Continue reading