Not Quite The End

The end of 2012 is upon us. We have been on another mini hiatus the past six weeks or so. Christmas is a busy time and most people have better things to do than dislike our opinions.

That said we will be back with new stuff in the next couple of days, after the obligatory hangover has worn off. We will do a retrospective of the year in stupidity, banality, general idiocy, and of course more reasons to drown hipsters. But while the newspapers are doing their retrospectives before the end of the year, they are quietly forgetting that the year doesn’t end until tonight. And who knows what might happen.

I hope you remembered peaches.

But then again, this would also be in keeping with our duty to wait for news to unfold, rather than jump to stupid opinions about everything, being alarmist, and forcing people out of their jobs, a la Andrew Mitchell.

So we hope that 2012 was a disappointment for you and your preparations for the end of the world. May 2013 bring sufficient terror, so the bunker under your home was not a complete waste of time.

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