Green and (Mostly) Pristine

England is a fairly green place and empty place. I know this for two reasons: I used live in green and empty parts of it and, as mentioned previously, I have flown over parts of it and concluded it’s not actually a wasteland teeming with dirty immigrants. OK. I must confess I’ve never spent any time north of Nottingham, other than in Scotland. So for all I know the north is a wasteland teeming with immigrants. But on the train going to Scotland I got the impression it wasn’t. So… good for you, people of the north. I wanted to throw in a reference to Jerusalem but other than a line about green fields and a fucking stupid notion of Jesus walking around this earth of majesty; this seat of Mars; this other Eden; demi-paradise or something; I don’t really know what the damn song is about.

Look how pretty it all is.

Anyway, as you may have heard the Tories (Conservatives) are in power in the UK. There is some other party with them but the LibDems are becoming more irrelevant with each passing day (though apparently not at the local government level). They, the Tories, obviously did a bang up job of reinventing themselves as a party with a heart (OK, it was fairly good, since they got in somehow, but they still have to share power), much like when Labour decided to use the word ‘New’ and embrace cold hard cash. Wait a minute. Hmm. No, actually they didn’t. What am I talking about.

A big thing David Cameron, before they got back into power, went on about was their green credentials. Well at least when it came to looking like they were going to take some initiative when it came to climate problems. Now, I’m not a hippie, since I have some grasp of reality, but I think climate change is a bit of a big deal. Not in the apocalyptic sense, just in a I don’t like choking on fumes so much, and think there are some legitimate reasons not to cut down every bloody tree you can. However, like the point we made our previous article on CSR, the Tories are playing fast and loose with the idea that they care about your lung capacity. If power comes from convincing everyone that they are lovely, then that’s what they are going to do.

Roughly 10% of the UKs energy comes from alternative sources. By 2020 they want to have it at 15% (which is an appallingly small increase in the grand scheme of things). Angst that is created by turbines is summed up by the name NIMBY (not in my back yard), the people that fall into this category are generally going to  be conservative. The wider implication of this ‘not in my back yard’ mentality is that nothing ever seems to move forward. Which is typical of conservatives anywhere. The landscapes are very pretty and everything, and you like the obscene value of your house, obviously. But it seems some people are steadfastly standing in the way of any form of resolution. The same can be said of the high speed rail link they want to make from London to Birmingham. They reckon they will finish it by 2025. That is fucking ridiculous. The journey is incredibly short, yet they can’t get it done in less than ten years. There seems this unwillingness to actually try and help solve some problems. Climate change is going to affect everyone. A good way to curb some emissions is to use alternative sources. Getting in huff because your idyllic English landscape has been ruined by supplying cheaper alternative fuels to people via a wind turbine is unfair on the future generations that have to choke on the fumes that helped pay for your big house in the country, away from the polluted cities, and the urchins. Typical really.

How terrifying.

The current Energy Minister, John Hayes, and the Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson, are both anti-wind power people. Mostly on turbines on land, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they are general anti-alternative fuels people all over. Wind power is getting a bad rap because you need a big turbine in a big green field to make it happen. Which yes, is probably annoying to some people. I look at wind turbines and think there is something strangely interesting about them, but what do I know. There is a lot that is wrong with these people. This is funny for a lot of reasons. These people like the pristine landscape and don’t want it ruined by a wind turbine, (which produces energy for less than solar panels and offshore wind does at the moment). Yet if investment is not made into these kinds of alternative sources, then the green and pristine landscape is going to be fucked by pollution anyway. Muppets. The lot of them.

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