The Wonderful Internet

Edit: Sorry, links weren’t working. They are now.

I love the internet. The internet is a wealth of hilarity. Such as the picture that brought you to this nugget of wisdom.

I am suffering from a mild form of writers block. So I decided to trawl the internet for something to inspire me. I randomly came across hipster photos with extra captions. I fucking love these things. Anything that is incredibly sarcastic and says ‘lol’ on it will make me crack up.

Annoyingly that internet is actually not that helpful for trying to cure writers block. It’s basically a big waste of time. And this is good news. So for today, instead of giving you a piece of mental clarity in the form of revelations you should pay attention to, we are just going to give you a list of personal favourite websites that can help you pass the time.

Also. If you happen to suffer from writers block and try to use the internet to help sort this out, this website, Idea a Day, well, it’s pretty shocking. See for yourself the banality that is out there, and then see the wonders that follow (most of them are comics, but hilarious comics). In no particular order:

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Something of That Ilk

Jesus and Mo



Us (on Twitter)

Sabotage Times

Hipster Captions


Perry Bible Fellowship

Kick Ass Torrents

Garfield Minus Garfield


Kennedy’s Run

The FT Weekend Magazine

Drowned In Sound

The Daily Mash

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