I Still Love You, Auntie

This will always been a symbol of quality. Fuck you Rupert.

So the BBC… What’s that all about?

Obviously they are in a spot of bother at the moment. This is a short post to say shut up and leave them alone.

I love auntie. I have always loved auntie. I will always love auntie. For all it’s flaws (Jonathan Ross, Chris Moyles, Snog, Marry, Avoid, BBC 3 in general, etc) it has done a multitude of great things (Rastamouse, Question Time, World Service Radio, etc). And the crux of the matter is that the good will always outweigh the bad. Always. Without fail.

The knives are out for the BBC (here, here and here, amongst other places. Fuck those places. Fuck them and the high hypocritical horses they rode in on. Especially the Daily Mail). There is a hilarious list on Wikipedia of various criticisms of the BBC, including Pro-Muslim Bias next to Anti-Muslim Bias. The words ‘what the flying fuck’ spring to mind. Some of the abuse that goes to the BBC is justified. I don’t doubt that. A lot of it isn’t.

In the last few days there have been articles to condemn the BBC for wasting taxpayers money on ‘suppressing evidence of its biased reporting’. Where did I find this quote, you ask?  What beacon of unbiased reporting did this quote hail from? The Daily Fucking Mail. Talk about black stone pots smashing the windows of glass houses while hurling abuse at kettles. Apparently, it’s a scandal that they have been biased over certain things. Shut up. Everyone is biased to some degree. Accusing the BBC of this is sour grapes, because people actually respect them. All over the world. Unlike, say News International, who have displayed all the common decency of a burgeoning serial killer. For all it’s screw ups, it has been the first in line to hold itself accountable. The head has stepped down. Remind me what Rupert Murdoch did in the wake of the News of the World furore? He  rejected the idea that blame could be laid at his feet. What balls he has.

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The BBC is a worldwide leader in news. It has actual clout; it is not a punch line like Fox News. It has simply hit a low point. It justifies its licence fee simply for the news and documentaries it does. I am not saying that they weren’t at fault for what has happened recently, mistakes have certainly been made. But this idea that it should be shut down is absurd. There are changes afoot. But to strip it of it of it’s place in society, not just British society, but everywhere where it can be picked up in some form (because that would be the first thing to lose out), is an overreaction. PBS in America is widely respected, and cutting funding to that earned Mitt Romney some interesting blowback. But PBS is not global like the BBC is. It’s just as good, but the reach is not in the same league.

It needs to get back to doing what it does well. So leave it alone and let it do that. Having show trials stops any effort to move on and get back to normal service, and it only works in favour of idiots that run ITV, and The Telegraph, and News International, and The Daily Mail, and all the other organisations that need a good kicking.

One Response to “I Still Love You, Auntie”
  1. soph says:

    The Sun have been in uproar over George Entwistle’s £450k payout. Rebekah Brooks got £7 MILLION when she FINALLY resigned (and was promptly arrested).
    Fuck News International with a shitty stick

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