And The Loser Is

The American elections are today, if you weren’t aware (or tomorrow, depending when you read this…). It is being suggested that it is a battle of good versus evil. A pitched battle for the soul of America. The most important election ever. Right. Weirdly they say that about every election. And every election they admit it is a cliche; an admission that they use this line every four years. But this year is different. Obviously.

As I have mentioned before, I am a keen election watcher when it comes to the whole thing. And the fact that it takes pretty much a year to get from start to finish makes for a long, weary and tiresome exercise in disappointment. And I think that is really the point of the title of this article.

There are two slightly different things on the elections that I want to talk about, so today you will get two different articles.

The first, The Challenge and The Will, is on a topic I raised recently on the legacy of George McGovern, but did not have a chance to expand on, in the context of that article: the strange distaste Americans have on social justice and social welfare, to the point where they want to dig up Ol’ Joe McCarthy and the House Un-American Activities Committee.

The second article, Picking Sides (Redux), is on the very nature of democracy, multi-party systems, and what you can achieve by being a mainstream extremist.

These will be staggered throughout the day, the benefit of living in Asia and writing for a European and American audience is that I am between 7 and 17 hours ahead of most of our readers.

I coming to you from the future, man…

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  2. […] a look here, for our brief explanation of today’s (Tuesday 6th November) […]

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