A Masterpiece You Say?

So art is a fickle thing. Recently you may have heard that a painting sold for £21,000,000 (if you didn’t, then yes, twenty-one million pounds), a rather large a mount of money.

This is worth more than you will ever see.

It was a painting by a chap named Gerhard Richter called Abstraktes Bild. There are certain words that spring to mind when I think of this, and other examples of art going for obscene amounts of money. Words like ‘fuck’, ‘the’, ‘fucking’, ‘what’ put into some kind of order, express how I feel and what I think about the amount of money people spend on modern and abstract art.

Basically I don’t get it. I mean where is the actual skill. I had to check several different images because I couldn’t tell whether this was a part of the painting or the entire painting itself. I’m not really interested in art so much anyway. I’m not the type to walk around a modern art museum. The Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, that was interesting, the National Portrait Gallery in the UK, also interesting. Some abstract nonsense with a fancy name, not so much. Give me a natural history museum any day of the week.

The value placed on modern art is strange and weird at it’s most basic level. It’s mostly absurd. How and why someone comes to the conclusion that the value of something like the above painting is worth what it is, is beyond me. It’s a world that lives with it’s head up it’s own arse. In a parallel universe. Where nothing makes sense. Ever.

Banksy’s work is a good example of this. Which itself is ironic. He made a film, Exit Through The Gift Shop, which is an interesting look at the subject of value in the art world. Part of me does think it isn’t really real, not an actual look at some guy that manufactured his fame – but only a small part, I am happy to believe it. People are buying this guys work for thousands of dollars for no apparent reason. Well, other than to say they have it. Which is, I assume, the way that the value of these things work. I mean, I get it in that sense. But it’s stupid.

And it makes me fucking angry. It’s just one of those things where I think the money could go to so many ‘better’ or ‘worthwhile’ things. Like a food program. Not a fucking painting that anybody could do. I get the idea that it’s the fact that someone has to have the idea of it in the first place, and all that. Damien Hirst’s shark is an example of this. But it’s still a waste of money. And time. And no, it’s not intellectual, and no it’s not that I just don’t get it. I understand it perfectly. It just happens to be stupid.

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