Stealing Good Ideas

We are not noble citizens. In fact, you could perhaps call us lots of nasty things. You would be right. We’d be ok with it.

Then we’d call you a cunt.

Anyway. The long and very interesting image below was something I came across recently, and I believe more people should read it. It’s a look at both Nineteen Eighty-Four and Brave New World. If you don’t know the authors kill yourself. Now. Seriously. Do it.


We like to think of ourselves as social theorists. Well on this website at least 50% of us do. This image gives us an interesting look at the way society is shaping up. In some ways we are all fearful of Orwell’s visions of the future. But this shows us that maybe, just maybe, Huxley’s is coming true and it’s repercussions are wider ranging, and just a little bit scarier.

The words are from a book called Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman. The images are by a guy named Stuart McMillen. I should add that the copyright holders of the book have had the image removed from other websites this year in at least two instances. So should they ask us to do that we might have to. But send us a message and we might be able to point you in the direction of the goods.

The image is here, on another website and not hosted by us.

3 Responses to “Stealing Good Ideas”
  1. Huxley was right for the west, Orwell was right for the middle east (twitter being the only way to actually get non government approved local news there)

  2. Angry Man Number Two says:

    A combination of both work for China… And certain parts of East Asia I guess.

  3. Angry Man Number Two says:

    Depends if you’re spam or not.

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