Welcome (Back) To The Internet


Glad you could make it.

You know us, and thankfully, we don’t know you, (because let’s face it you’re obviously a strange sort of person that has found yourself at our lovely corner of the interwebs), and we’d like to point out we are still alive. Barely.


We’re going to make you laugh motherfucker.

I feel I, or possibly we, have some explaining to do. We have essentially be on a hiatus for a little less than a year for various reasons. Legitimate reasons I hasten to add. I, as some of you are aware from reading previous posts, lived in China when we first started writing. Long story short I was having such a hard time getting on to the dirty rancid corners of the internet, I mostly gave up trying to do anything for long periods of time. Now that I no longer live in China (technically), it’s a lot easier for this whole weblogging  shenanigans to take up space in the ether.

AMN1 on the other hand is writing his magnum opus on being a leftie. Or something to that effect. Basically he is very busy being all nerdy. And that’s all you need to know.

In light of all this, we are giving ourselves a bit of a kick up the backside and returning with downright hilarity. And by hilarity I mean terrible terrible jokes.

In light of our prolonged absence, we advise you to watch this space, starting today, for a rundown of the past 12 months of aggravation. Enjoy.

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