I am the 1% (Who can see beyond the fun of being a hippie)

Whilst whoring it up with StumbleUpon I was taken to a Daily Kos article expressing the author’s distaste over the people who obviously don’t understand the Occupy [enter city here] movement. And irony of ironies, what do I see? Someone missing the point! Now, maybe it’s because it’s a website dedicated to American ‘liberals’ (I hate that term – liberal is anything but left wing. Eh, Nick?) they are deliberately skirting round the issue – the cause of all this shit in the first place. But maybe not. Maybe they’ve been socialised – as my mate Gramsci would say, they have accepted the presentation of  ‘common sense’. The hegemony is alive and well. Taking the blame for this mini rant is the image below:

Excuse me, what do you think causes corporate greed? Think it might have anything to do with a system based upon hostile competition? Let me give you an example: someone purposefully destabilises the market through publishing articles that say it’s in a shit state, or perhaps they do it live on the BBC and no, it wasn’t a spoof – which drives stock and share values down, which means they’re cheaper to buy. This will yield the banker a higher profit. Is that corporate greed or is that business?

People need to understand that while we have this system, and this set of power relations (i.e. those with the money have the power because they have the influence) you will always get tax cuts for the rich and tax hikes – in the form of rising living costs – for the poor. ‘Workers’ get treated fairly well in developed economies because they are commodities. Those who own the businesses need you to work for them or the whole pyramid scheme falls down.

Honestly, I’m trying my best to shoehorn a joke in here somewhere, but so far the best I’ve come up with is presenting the image of a CEO violating himself with a Cuban*. As our benevolent leaders here in the UK keep saying, ‘we’re in this together’. But we are. And until we actually show each other some solidarity we’re going to be going nowhere fast.

Don’t be scared of saying you don’t like capitalism. It doesn’t make you a Commie, you know. It only makes you a Commie if you start advocating one of the many communist systems that have been presented as alternatives over the years. Anyway, until that day (‘cos, and sorry about this Frankie, we haven’t reached the end of history), jump on the Žižek bus for a bit of perspective. And as for that picture up there? Here’s an alternative to spread.


*a Cuban cigar, obviously…

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