More Kindred Spirits?

Now, you will know by now that we fucking hate hipsters. Any accidental hipsters must go through a thorough screening process before they talk to us. They must be cleansed. Real bone fide hipsters must go through a firey building wearing nothing but a moustache, riding a fixed-gear bike we doused in petrol only minutes earlier, while the hipster’s nearest and dearest look on, outwardly expressing fear and anxiety, but secretly looking forward to the righteous cleansing.

Yes, this is going somewhere, I promise. The other day my friend brought to my attention an article about Dalston in London (somewhere I had previously never heard of until a few days ago). Now, it just so happened that just a day before, Stumbleupon led me blindly to what it called a room full of ultimate fantasy and sexual desire. It turned out to be Vice Magazine. Happy I was not.

But all was not lost. For the next five minutes (yes, I read the article. I’m sorry.) I was treated to the palpable irony of the arch hipster magazine interviewing hipsters as if they weren’t hipsters themselves. I hate to draw this comparison, but hipsters and indie kids (I’m giving the indie kids a chance to disassociate here – that’s just the kind of happy-go-lucky, nice guy I am) remind me of a certain subspecies of punk – the ‘I listened to them before they were cool and sold out – you’re not a punk unless A,B and C punk. This is exactly what Vice were doing. ‘are you a hipster? No? Of course you are you silly little boy!’ You see, I just don’t understand how anyone can resist the urge to punch such obvious hipsters. Vintage? Fuck off.

Anyway, I digress. A fellow named Alexander Netherton has written a beautiful piece discussing the very same topic as that Vice magazine mentioned. Except instead of making it a one man circle jerk, defying the laws of physics as Vice is wont to do, he’s constructed a damning, judgemental and bloody completely right piece.


Maybe he’d be interested in some kind of collaboration. By that I obviously mean purge.

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