Public Service Anouncement


I read this somewhere. It’s a transcription of a stand up bit from some comic whose name escapes me at the moment. So if you said it (ha!) or know who said it, let us know. I have more to say on the subject but due to technical issues that cannot be resolved at the moment I cannot elaborate on it just now. Either way, for your reading pleasure:

Remember as you journey out into the world, whatever your expectations of life are, lower them. Lower them; lower them as far as you can. Bury those expectations in a deep dark psychological hole. Once you have done that, whatever remains of your expectations in your heart, accept and acknowledge that they will never ever come to any sort of fruition. Put your shoes on, go out and get a job you don’t like. Enter into a loveless marriage, drink heavily, pretend you are happy. Don’t complain, never complain. Get on with things quietly, wait patiently for death. Death will inevitably come, when it does trust me, you’ll be more than grateful.

Have a good day!

One Response to “Public Service Anouncement”
  1. kennedy121 says:

    Gotta be Bill Hicks…or maybe Stewart Lee (all there’s no mention of eating crisps in there, so not sure).

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