Shop Related News

Things have changed in the shop. Prices are down to reflect these hard economic times. The average price of a t-shirt is now just £12.00. That’s just 7,100.28 Zimbabwean Dollars!

There are also women’s versions of every design. The women’s t-shirts are about a pound more expensive. We could have made them the same price, but the t-shirts were shitty and ladies, we love you, so we didn’t want to peddle second rate crap to you. We’re nice like that.

Does anyone have any ideas for t-shirts they’d like to see? Don’t be shy, now.

Have a look at the shop. Go on. You know you want to. Deep down inside. Your materialistic obsessions are the only thing that’s keeping you going. Go on, give in. I dare ya.

2 Responses to “Shop Related News”
  1. hotshot bald cop says:

    Right on my man!

  2. Angry Man Number One says:

    You spammy bastard.

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