A New Addition

We have a shop! Things are being added to it constantly, and if you have an idea for a design let us know. We’re poor people you know. If you could find it in your heart to spare us a bit of change for a cup of coffee, we will personally come round to your … Continue reading

Songs For My Jilted Generation

There’s an interesting article on the BBC website (good ol’ Aunty) that I came across this morning. You can read it here. It’s very UK centric so if that’s irrelevant to you then, well, tough. But it’s worth a read regardless. It talks of the generation born in the 80s and how they will be … Continue reading

Virtues of the Vicious

‘So, what brings you here?’, ‘Oh y’know… Mindless hate’. Some of you will know the quote the title refers to. Keen Nicholas Cage fans will note it’s appearance in ‘The Rock’, as said by Sean Connery. For those non-terrible 90’s action movie fans, the full quote is “Patriotism is a virtue of the vicious”, supposedly … Continue reading

The Stumbleupon Experiment

I’ve been on Stumbleupon for a while now. I have about 300 favourite pages. So there must be something out there that I’m interested in. I have a concise yet ranging field of interests for stumbleupon to trawl through. So why does it keep bringing me back shite like a bad sniffer dog who has … Continue reading

Drugs are Bad, mmmkay?

Amy Winehouse is dead. We ‘officially’ don’t know yet,  but let’s not kid ourselves. She took a shit load of drugs and her body said ‘you know what? Fuck you. There’s only so much shit I can deal with, and your brain and I have fallen out big time. In fact brain is moving out. … Continue reading

O God, The Aftermath

Take your pick Ah, religion… I’m going to preface this article by explicity stating I’m an atheist. Not an agnostic. And don’t start on that ‘Well you can’t ever know whether or not god does exist’ bullshit. I find the idea of religion silly, childish, and akin to believing in fairy tales. The idea of … Continue reading

What I Wouldn’t Give For Explosives…

It’s one in the morning.   It’s hot.   There is no fan or air conditioning.   Opening the window leaves you subjected to the sounds of China’s ongoing bid to build until ever later hours.   Closing the window doesn’t keep out the noise.   And then there is a motherfucking car alarm.   … Continue reading

Kill Me Now

So finally we are getting back into the swing of things. Things have been hectic recently. I would like to say we’ve recently returned from extensive adventures of dragon slaying and maiden saving. But alas, that would be stretching the realms of credibility – dragon slaying season is obviously later in the year. Anyhow. Have … Continue reading

Interruption To Regular Service

You may have noticed the lack of activity in the past week or so. We are not professional bloggers, and actually have things to do in the ‘Real World’; namely jobs, social lives, and frustratingly little amounts of time to get some hate on. But have no fear. Due to the nature of our time … Continue reading

You’re Being SHAFTED

Just a quick one: Organic food – what’s all that about? You realise they’re charging you more to use less? Also, isn’t everything organic? As long as that middle class guilt has been assuaged.