Life is a Distraction

It’s true. Now, I’m not going to spout some shite about ‘reality’ and being blinded and other shit you may expect to find on those fucking annoying postcards all over the internet. A lot of people are quick to shout the ‘live life to the full’ mantra, and all the spin-offs of it. But how … Continue reading


“I don’t mean to sound cold or cruel or vicious, but I am, so that’s the way it comes out”. – Bill Hicks.

I Have Seen…

Two feet standing proud in the sand, Cathedrals worn away by the rain, New dawns bringing the season’s change. Relentless. Welcome to the 21st Century. Where life happens so quick; we’re so wrapped up in everything that is happening, we forget what has been happening. This will be more of a stream of consciousness string … Continue reading

A Nice Cup of Joe

I’m more of a Costa man myself.


There are obviously all kinds of polititcal disagreements that abound. I would like to point out for the record that we do in fact hate on everyone. We hate you for who you are. Rather than why you have your opinions. So don’t get your political knickers in a twist.

The Connection

Just a quick one until a larger post later on. There is an underlying connection between almost all of the articles posted so far: Hipsters are the ultimate consumers. Their level of consumption is directly related to their level of coolness. This is how social scientists can actually measure the level of douchebaggery in society. … Continue reading

“You’re Biologically Programmed To Do That!”

So maybe we started off a little too seriously… You may well be thinking to yourself: “Where the hell are the jokes assholes‽”. Fear not. We are lighthearted bundles of joy; full of fun, happiness, and sunshine*. Fortunately this brings me neatly to today’s topic, in a roundabout kind of way. You may think it … Continue reading

Vitriolism’s First Review

I was given this concise review of the blog today. “[A]n introspective, socially damning, judgemental, rant filled tirade of abuse against the masses.” Personally, I would have gone with ‘indispensable social service’, but I’m happy enough with the above.

Buying Into It

You look like this.

Whilst my good friend, Angry Man Number One, has made an expletive filled and excellent point on iPhones, I feel I must carry on in this vein of topic in a broader sense. I would like it to be just about Apple, as Apple itself is a good example, but unfortunately the topic is one … Continue reading

The Chihuahua of the Technology World

Look at my new iPhone! You socialites out there will know what I’m talking about. Some of you may have even diamonte’d them up. But I hope you’re honest about what you’ve really bought: a fashion accessory. ‘But no AMNO!’ I hear you shout, ‘ they’re very useful!’ Well, I can certainly concede that point. … Continue reading